Make politicians tell the truth.

Make politicians tell the truth.

April 19, 2012, 6:04 a.m.

Do you remember when Mitt Romney famously declared, "Corporations are people, my friend!"

It made news in part because it was crazy talk. Are corporations really people? Has a corporation ever loved another woman or man - or only profits? Do corporations bleed red blood - or only red ink? Do they grieve over a loss - or take it as a tax deduction?

And if a corporation steals your money or kills you, does it go to jail or the electric chair? Of course not - that's crazy too.

But it also made news because it provided unique insight into Mitt Romney's "soul", in a way that his slick TV commercials and debate lines and stump speeches never would.

Wouldn't American politics be better if candidates told us what they really think, instead of spinning lies? Of course.

But many politicians will never tell the truth on their own. And Republicans only do "interviews" with FOX "News" and rightwing radio. So voters have to force politicians to tell the truth, just like the brave Iowa voters you hear in this great video.

As this video shows so beautifully, a few determined voters can have an enormous impact on politics by revealing the truth. That's why we call them "SuperVoters." And we want to help you become one too.

All you need is a video camera, some solid facts, a friend or two, and the courage to challenge politicians when they lie.

Are you interested? We're here to help. Join us today!

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