Be a SuperVoter: Create & Share #WIrecall videos

Be a SuperVoter: Create & Share #WIrecall videos

May 22, 2012, 11:22 a.m.

SuperPacs are trying to buy Wisconsin and defeat the #WIrecall, spending unlimited corporate money to saturate our TV's with smears and lies.

Likewise, we are proud to introduce SuperVoters: the progressive answer to SuperPacs, which we have launched a special Alpha version of in time to help with the recalls! is a response to the subversion of our democracy by SuperPac TV advertisements --- providing a new and powerful platform for ordinary people to create and share videos that tell the truth.

SuperVoters amplify the voices of activists and citizen journalists who would otherwise be drowned out, which is the undemocratic design of SuperPacs. The Internet has made this unprecedentedly possible, but the stakes have also never been higher to fight back.

A key that we see is that even the best online videos are far too easily lost in the depths of YouTube and blog archives. provides a solution to this by organizing videos by Politician on a Yelp-style page, and harnessesing their power by making it as easy as possible to distribute them within social media.

There is a SuperVoters 'Politician page’ for each of the recall election candidates, which act as a central hub for the videos related to that Politician, from which we can spread what that politician really believes and what they would really do if they retain or gain elected office. increases the incentive to create and share videos like this, as activists and citizen journalists with limited time will rest assured knowing that their videos will not disappear into the ether of the Internet. The videos’ potential impact will be drastically increased by them being uploading to the proper ‘Politician page’ so that others can see and share them, perhaps inspiring them to create their own in the process.

Our most valuable asset in the #WIrecall is the normal people independently leading the movement inspiring their neighbors -- and the nation at large.

Let’s make sure SuperPacs don’t diminish the power of the democratic discourse seen since the Wisconis Capitol occupation last Spring. Start creating and sharing #WIrecall videos at today, and help bring Wisconsin forward.

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