Create a SuperVoters Video: Share Your #WIrecall Stories

Create a SuperVoters Video: Share Your #WIrecall Stories

May 25, 2012, 1:30 p.m.

I had the pleasure Wednesday evening of being on a We Are Wisconsin conference call to discuss the state of the race. One element of their ask naturally stuck out in light of what we’re doing with, namely, that  “our stories are powerful” and that we should be contacting local press and radio outlets to tell them.

This part came out after emphasizing how important the personal conversations have been that happen when canvassing in person door to door. The door to door takes a great precedence for this reason, but it also speaks to what other kind of actions we can take to most replicate that in person experience.

Specifically, a person creating a video that they can share with their networks over the Internet is a powerful way to spread the personal nature of this fight to so many Wisconsinites. It’s not mass or mainstream media, but it’s targeted based on localized social media networks, and the stories will feel more visceral in light of their being on video.

Moreover, individuals telling personal stories and countering corporate-sponsored lies has been a driving force of the Wisconsin uprising all along, as it has also been in the Occupy movement. We have seen this in OWS through the images and narratives within the We Are the 99% Tumblr and Occupy The Boardroom projects, for instance.

The WI Recall campaign on aims to inspire a similar groundswell of powerful content, but through the even more intimate form of story-telling made possible in video.

Citizen Action of Wisconsin has already done a fantastic job in this vein, creating over 60 videos of Wisconsinites describing why they want to #RecallWalker. This is exactly the kind of material that we hope will be uploaded, rated, and shared on the SuperVoters platform, which we have put in motion by organizing them on the ‘created’ tab on Walker’s Politician page.

We Are Wisconsin emphasized on the call how this is a base vs base election, and that it’s going to come down to whether all of the people who have supported us go volunteer and / or vote (here’s where you can sign up to volunteer with We Are Wisconsin and find more information on early voting).

As for your Internet time, we invite you to go create videos using your webcam or phone where you tell your personal story in regards to Walker and the other #WIrecall senators! There are precious few YouTube videos of the state senators, so there is ample opportunity to take over their Internet presence in particular.

And if you can, go a step further and birddog one of the recall candidates. Make a video where they are compelled to tell the truth -- or at least make their lies look ridicluous -- like Occupy the Caucuses did to Mitt Romney in Iowa with his ‘Corporations are people, my friends’ video.

So please let us know if you have any questions about how you could get started! If we work together as SuperVoters, we can counter the SuperPac-driven lies on TV using Internet video.

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