Tell SuperPac Billionaires "You Can't Buy My Vote!"

Tell SuperPac Billionaires "You Can't Buy My Vote!"

June 30, 2012, 11:42 a.m.

As July 4th approaches, we’re inviting progressive leaders to make a short (1-minute) video telling SuperPac Billionaires “You can’t buy my vote!”

We will share these videos with 1 million members of and our allies (all welcome!) starting on July 4th as we help build a grassroots movement to overturn Citizens United - and we would love to include yours among the first videos.

It’s really easy to record yourself on YouTube from your laptop or smartphone. Do you have a few minutes to reach inside your heart and help launch a movement?

Most Americans are outraged at the Supreme Court's 5-4 ruling in Citizens United that corporations and billionaires can spend as much as they want to buy our elections. But they just feel powerless to fight the SuperPac Billionaires.

And we just saw how powerful SuperPacs can be in Wisconsin, where Scott Walker & Co. outspent Democrats $30 million to $4 million, crushing our progressive ground game with nonstop TV ads. Energized by this victory, SuperPacs will spend hundreds of millions more to buy the White House and the Senate.

How can we stop them? Over the coming years, we can build a massive grassroots movement for a Constitutional Amendment. We actively support the “Constellation” of groups working to create that movement.

But what about right now? We can “Declare our Independence” from SuperPac Billionaires by sending them direct, heart-felt videos with a simple, defiant message:

"SuperPac Billionaires: You can't buy my vote!"

Our launch date is July 4th, the day our Founding Fathers declared their independence from King George III, whose vast imperial wealth was backed by a powerful army and navy. With any luck, we’ll set off some Internet fireworks - but we need your help.

We need smart, passionate, articulate progressive leaders to lead the way, and inspire millions of angry voters to join in.

So if you have a few minutes, please speak from your heart with passion. You might cite the Declaration of Independence, and the millions since who risked or sacrificed their lives for our Democracy. You might cite Big Money's corrupting influence in contemporary politics, and how that has changed your life. You might cite the urgent issue(s) that makes your vote priceless. You might cite the massive inequality and arrogance that lets SuperPac Billionaires think they have a Constitutional right to buy your vote. Or you might have a completely different message.

Maybe a SuperPac Billionaire will be convinced by your passion. But if not, maybe a thousand - or a million - voters will be inspired to help create our collective movement.

It’s really easy to create a YouTube video of yourself. On your laptop browser, login to and click the Upload button in the upper right. Then click “Record from your webcam” and your own camera will turn on (you may have to click in the popup). Then click “Start Recording” and speak. Click “Stop Recording” when done. If you like it click Upload, otherwise start again. (The YouTube App on Android is equally simple - click the movie camera icon in the upper right and point your phone at yourself.)

As you upload to YouTube, choose “Public” for the Privacy Setting. For tags use #CantBuyMyVote. Be creative with your title and description to attract viewers.

When your video is on YouTube, send the link to and we'll quickly post it on our brand new video site, - the progressive answer to SuperPacs.

Shortly after July 4th, we'll send a blast email featuring these first videos to 1 million members of and our allies. We’ll also get as much media publicity for these videos as we can.

If you’re interested but need some tech support or a camera person, email and we'll do our best to help. And if you’d like to do more than make a video, email us as well.

Thanks in advance!

Bob Fertik, Justin Krebs, and Harry Waisbren

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