Let's Beat the SuperPac Billionaires!

Let's Beat the SuperPac Billionaires!

July 19, 2012, 12:05 a.m.

Are you sickened - and terrified - by the billions that SuperPac Billionaires will spend to steal the 2012 election?

Are your favorite TV shows - even the Olympics - being ruined by these endless SuperPac ads?

Don't despair. We can fight back and beat the SuperPac Billionaires!

Think about it: what do SuperPacs actually do? They make political videos and buy tons of advertising time during our favorite TV shows to try to force us to watch them.

Of course we don't want to watch them. So we turn off our TV's, change the channel, hit mute, use the DVR to skip all ads, or buy ad-free episodes on our laptops or tablets. So we have the tools to resist, but too few of us use them.

And too many swing voters still watch these ads, as we saw in the Wisconsin recall where Gov. Scott Walker's allies won by outspending Democrats $30 million to $4 million, mostly on TV.

So we need to overcome relentless SuperPac lies with more powerful truths.

And we need to share them with other voters - without ruining their TV - through our social networks, especially Facebook and Twitter.

In fact, we can beat the SuperPacs at their own game with a few secret weapons that give us a big advantage:

  1. We The People outnumber SuperPac Billionaires by millions to one.
  2. Since we're nicer and funnier, we have gazillions more friends to share our videos with.
  3. Through our collective passion and creativity, we can make videos that are more powerful than theirs.

If you think about it, citizen videos have already had a huge impact on recent elections:

  • In 2006, S. R. Sidarth, a young Democratic staffer who followed frontrunning Senate candidate George Allen (R-VA), made the famous "Macaca" video that cost Allen the election.
  • In 2008, will.i.am's famous "Yes We Can" video helped inspire young voters to turn out in huge numbers to elect Barack Obama.
  • In 2010, Senate frontrunner Sue Lowden (R-NV) told patients to "bring a chicken to the doctor," inspiring activists to make a satirical remix that instantly went viral and cost Lowden the election.

And in 2012, as video cameras (including cellphones) become ubiquitous, powerful political videos are appearing on the Internet every day.

With all these great political videos, it's surprising there has never been a website to showcase them - and help voters spread them virally - until now.

That's why we created SuperVoters.org.

How does it work? When you visit SuperVoters.org, you'll be greeted by the hottest political video of the day.

Right below the player are the Share buttons to send it flying worldwide over Facebook and Twitter.

On the right side are thumbnails of other hot videos, which you can instantly load into the viewer and share.

Videos get hot (or cold) because of up (or down) votes by visitors like you. (To vote, you have to login with Facebook or Twitter.) Be sure to also watch the new videos and make the best of them hot with your up votes.

The home page of SuperVoters.org is just the start. We have pages for every candidate and issue. And not just the Presidential candidates - because Tip O'Neill was right when he said "all politics is local." We created pages for every candidate for Congress and state legislator in all 50 states. That's a lot of candidates!

And if you can't name the candidates in your area, we made that easy too. Just enter your street address and we'll find your U.S. Senators, U.S. Representative, and your State Legislators - and all the candidates running against them.

Don't worry about the new district lines - our awesome district search engine is completely up to date. You can save your districts with your profile, so you never have to search again. We even show you the district map to help you find friends to lobby and organize with - or recruit better candidates.

Of course, the vast size of SuperVoters.org makes us rely on you, because we can't possibly keep up with all these races and issues. So we made it easy for you to add videos by pasting links to YouTube and similar video services.

Watching hot videos, and adding links to new ones, is just the start. What makes SuperVoters.org really powerful is that everyone can create their own videos, which can go viral too.

At its simplest, you can record yourself speaking your mind to a candidate using the record feature of YouTube. Maybe your passion will convince that candidate to change his or her mind!

If you want to interview a candidate or local leader about an issue you really care about, use the record feature of Google Hangout. Maybe you'll make some news!

If you're more ambitious, you can write and produce that really smart TV ad you wish a candidate would make. Maybe they'll pay you to put it on TV!

And if you want to make headline news that gets featured on local or national TV, you can find candidates on the campaign trail and ask them hard-hitting questions that mainstream reporters don't dare ask. Let your cellphone camera record the answer, upload it to YouTube, and link to it on SuperVoters.org for the world to see and share.

That's exactly what a voter did recently to Rep. C.W. Young (R-FL), and the resulting video is amazing.

SuperVoters.orgIn fact, we think the cellphone video camera in the hands of voters is the powerful new technology that could really transform politics. That's why we made it our logo.

So does all this sound exciting? We hope so!

Our modest goal is to create a virtual army of SuperVoters that is large and savvy enough to beat the SuperPac Billionaires at their own game - creating and spreading powerful political videos that change voters' minds.

If you're ready to beat the Billionaires, visit SuperVoters.org!

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